Attorney Profiles

We are honored that the character and skill of our attorneys have been recognized by others. Our firm is rated AV by Martindale Hubbell, demonstrating the pinnacle of professional experience. Mr. Jesson formerly served as Chief Justice of the Arkansas Supreme Court, and we are privileged to be guided by his knowledge and character today. Moreover, our attorneys have been recognized by membership in the American College of Trial Lawyers, recognized as the Best Lawyers in America and with other laudable achievements. We reflect the strength of our communities and the diversity of our backgrounds and experiences.

Bradley D. Jesson
Rex M. Terry
Robert M. Honea
J. Leslie Evitts III
Kirkman T. Dougherty
J. Gregory Magness
Jeffrey W. Hatfield
C. Ryan Norton
Shala J. Klutts
Stephanie Irby Randall
Kynda Almefty
Carol Nixon Ricketts
Meredith A. Hoover